1. Track official”s decision will be final. We cannot make the rules to fit everyone”s needs and desires. So if you run, please be willing to go by the rules outlined in this book.


2. The first three (3) cars in all divisions must cross the scales after the race; also the first three cars are subject to P&G.


3. Prize money will not be held for anyone. It must be picked up the night it”s earned, by the Driver Only, with Picture ID. NO exceptions.


4. Anyone caught drinking; using marijuana, controlled substances, or fighting will be suspended. First offense the next two races, second offense the next 4 races, third offense suspended for one season. All drivers are subject to a breath test. Any driver or pit crew caught drinking alcoholic beverages or fighting at any race meet will automatically forfeit any money said car has won and points for that race meet. Any driver or pit crew-member that enters another driver’s pit area will be deemed the aggressor.


5. Away from either driver’s pit area both drivers and pit crew-members will be considered aggressors.


6. The aggressor or aggressors will receive the suspension.


7. Drivers should be aware that they will be held responsible for all members of their race team.


8. In the event of any Felony conviction of a driver or car-owner, the disciplinary action will be indefinite suspension from Fort Payne Motor Speedway beginning with the date of the conviction, or the date of the completion of any incarceration subsequent to said conviction, whichever date shall last occur. In the event the conviction is Drug related, that person may be subject to a Drug Test before returning to competition.


9. However, nothing shall prohibit the track Official”s from administering any penalty, including immediate removal from the premises or permanent suspension of track privileges to driver, owner or pit crew member whose conduct, in the complete discretion of the track Official”s represents a threat to the orderliness of track operations or the safety of others.


10. Any driver who enters grandstand area and/or proceeds to enter without an invitation and conducts him or herself in a un-sportsman like manner may be suspended.


11. An adult must accompany children under age 14 in the pit area at all times. And all children must stay clear of the Scale area at all times. Drivers, pit crew, members and spectators in the pit area, It is your responsibility to know where your children are at ALL times. Failure to do so could result in loss of pit privileges.


12. Unnecessary roughness on racetrack, the race will stop and the person or persons will be put into the pits.


13. To be the official leader of the race you must have completed the last complete green lap.


14. In the event of a caution, any car or cars that come to a stop due to being involved in the accident, the caution flag was displayed for will line up in the rear for the restart.


15. Any car for which the yellow flag is displayed for must restart in the rear.


16. Any car or cars caught illegal receives no money.


17. Refusing to obey officials could result in laps taken away or suspended.


18. A driver going to the pits under yellow or red must go to the rear of the field.


19. Any driver that gets out of his or her car on the track under a caution or red flag will be put in the pits. Do not get out of your car unless you are prepared to go to the pits. The only time this rule will be excused is for safety reasons, fire, etc.


20. Driving in the pit area, it is the driver’s responsibility to drive slow and under control at all times in pit area. Any driver that drives reckless or out of control at the discretion of Official’s could lose all pit privileges.


21. No work can be done on racecars on track. All work on racecars must be done in pit area.


22. If a car sustains any damage on the racetrack that requires repairs, the car must go to the pits for the necessary repairs. Track officials or wrecker officials will not make repairs.

23.     Any car that brings out the Yellow Caution flag (3) times in a single car caution, car must go to the pits.

24. Drivers cannot switch from one division to another without authorized permission before race. Drivers are not allowed to compete in more than one local division per race meet, compete being: given the first green flag for a start, even if the start becomes void. In the event of a series event you may race the series event and one local division in the same night this is the only time this is allowed. (Note: This rule will be strictly enforced) Official discretion by track owner will be exercised.


25. A racecar can only compete in one local division per race night.


26. Drivers will be paid according to laps completed. The payoff on a red and checkered flag will be the same as a restart.


27. All cars are subject to inspection by track officials at any time. Any car that loses fuel cell is subject to a $100.00 fine.


28. Any driver caught competing or trying to compete in more than one local division per race event will forfit all purse money for both divisions.  Purse money will go into points funds for each division involved. Driver will forfit all POINTS for said event.


29. Sign-in, it is the responsibility of the driver to sign-in under the correct division and use his or her correct name. Driver’s name competing must match the sign-in sheet. In the event of a driver change officials must be notified so sign-in sheet can be changed prior to the start of any competition of the drivers division. NO driver changes will be allowed in any division once competition for that division has started. Competition being Time trials and/or Heat races and/or Last Chance races and/or Feature race.


30. Any car that pulls into the pit and re-enters the track under green and stops will be automatically put back into the pits. This applies on starts and or restarts.


31. Track reserves the right to add weight to any car in order to offset any minor rule violations. Official’s discretion will be utilized.


32. Any car caught that has lost a muffler or lead weight bars from their car will be fined $50.00. Top 3 Cars will be checked at the scales.


33. Fort Payne Motor Speedway reserves the right to place drivers in the division most suited for them according to their performance level. This may require a driver to move up to the next division. Track officials will make this decision based on the number of wins, championship wins, and/or the performance level of a driver. Track also reserves the right to handicap.


34. All 4-wheelers, golf carts, motorcycles or personal transportation vehicles must purchase a (PTP PASS) personal transportation pit pass. The PTP pass must be purchased at the pit gate at the same time you purchase your pit pass. The cost of the PTP pass is $10. per race event. All (PTP passes) must be displayed on the personal transportation vehicle. Anyone under the age of 16 operating a personal transportation vehicle must be accompanied by an adult.


35. Pit boards, flashlights and any other signaling devices will not be allowed. Any one caught doing so, will be subject to penalties.


36. All drivers entering race track from pits under green, yellow or red must enter the racetrack on the front straightaway only. Do not enter the racetrack on the back straightaway if you do you will be black-flagged.


37. In the event of a driver intentionally hitting or running into someone’s race car in hot laps, under caution or after the checkered flag, the penalty will be $100.00 fine per hit and you will be placed on probation for the remainder of the season. All fines must be paid before you can compete in any event at Fort Payne Motor Speedway.


38. In the event a driver is suspended – that suspension will start at the next scheduled event and continue until completed.


39. Anyone entering Fort Payne Motor Speedway must purchase a ticket. If you do not purchase a ticket you may be banned indefinitely from all events.


40. Back-Gate, after the race is complete and you receive the checkered flag all cars must enter the pits at the back straightaway pit gate and the top 3 go straight to the scales. Do Not Pass the back gate pit entrance and make an extra lap if you do, you may be penalized. The penalty for Super – Limited Late Model will be $100.00 deducted from your prize money and the penalty for all other classes will be $50.00 deducted for prize money. This penalty does not apply to the Cruisers. In the event someone passes the back gate pit entrance due to lapped traffic, hard racing, or for some unseen reason this penalty may be waved at the discretion of track officials


41. Points will be awarded as follows.


1st = 124        13th= 102


2nd = 120        14th = 102


3rd = 118         15th = 102


4th = 116          16th = 102


5th = 114           17th= 102


6th = 112            18th = 102


7th = 110             19th = 102


8th = 108              20th = 102


9th = 106              21st = 102


10th= 104             22nd = 102


11th= 102             23rd = 102


12th= 102              24th = 102

50 Points for Show




1. At the discretion of the Race Officials. Drivers may change cars at any time between qualifying and the start of the Main Feature. However, any change will result in the driver starting in the rear of his or her Heat race, Last Chance race and/or Feature race.


2. Drivers must notify the Race Officials of any desired change, so that Prize Money may be awarded correctly.


3. NOTE: For all races, once the field has been given the first green flag for a start, NO changes of car will be permitted, even if the start becomes void.


4. NO driver or class changes will be allowed in any division once competition has started. Competition being Time trials and/or Heat races and/or Last Chance races and/or Feature race.




1. All Traction Control Devices are strictly prohibited during any form of a Fort Payne Motor Speedway event, race or practice/test session.


2. Any traction control device utilizing wheel sensors or any means of measuring ground speed to control wheel spin are strictly prohibited.


3. Any remote controlled device inside or outside the cockpit of any competitor”s racecar are strictly prohibited.


4. A competitor found with any of the above mentioned will lose the complete device permanently and will be disqualified and may be suspended.


5. There is a $400.00 claim rule on all ignition boxes. (See Claim Rule Section for more info.)




1. We will continue to use the green light system. This system will be used for all initial starts for Heats, Last Chance and/or Features.


2. The green light at the end of the front straightaway is under the control of the Flagman and will be used on all initial starts.


3. After the ” one lap to go ” signal has been given, the field must maintain an orderly, controlled pace around to turn 4, with the front row running side by side. Provided that the line up is good, the race will be started at some point between exiting turn 4 and the flag stand, there will be no passing before the cone – Any driver who passes before the cone, hits the cone, or goes below the cone may be put to the rear. The race will not start until the green light is switched on.


4. Anticipating the start or firing before the start will be considered a penalty and the offending driver or drivers will be put back one row.


5. In the event of a caution, before the first lap is complete, due to a multi car accident, the field will be lined-up for a complete restart in the original grid order, provided there are no penalties to be assessed. In the event you go in the pits you must be back on the track to take the “one lap to go” signal to get your original starting position back, if not you must go to the rear.


6. All classes in the event of a caution, before the first lap is completed and you go to the pits and don”t make it back out to take the ” one to go ” signal you can not move up to the next class and race.




1. Double file re-starts, Leader chooses inside or outside. Leader starts the race exiting turn 4. The cone will be placed on the track at the flag stand and there will be no passing before the cone – Any driver who passes before the cone, hits the cone, or goes below the cone may be put to the rear.


2. Any car that is judged to be jumping the start will be penalized one spot. If the same car is judged to be jumping a second time in the same race, it will be penalized to the rear of the field.


3. Any driver who comes to a stop during the race, and in the opinion of the Officials, has done so deliberately to cause a re-start, will be put to the rear before the race is re-started.




1. Super-Limited Late Models, Crate Late Models, A Hobby, and B Hobby will use double file choose restarts on all Fort Payne Motor Speedway point’s races.


2. When a caution flag occurs after the first lap is completed the cars will line back up single file. When officials conclude every car is in proper position, the choose signal will be given to the field and the leader will move up to the front row alone while the rest of the field will choose outside or inside, after you commit to a spot on the choose restart stay in the spot you have chosen.


3. On double file choose re-starts the leader starts the race exiting turn 4. The cars behind the leader must not change lanes until they pass the cone. Cars must not “lay back” in an attempt to get a roll or run on the cars in front of them.


4. Second (2nd) row cars cannot pull beside the leader until they pass the cone.


5. Any car that is judged to be jumping the start will be penalized one row. If the same car is judged to be jumping a second time in the same race, it will be penalized to the rear of the field.






Start the race.




Everyone slow down to a safe speed and follow the car you were behind the last green lap. You will be lined back up on the track where you were running, not the position that you are running.




This flag means danger, stop as quickly as possible. Do not pass the flagman when this flag is displayed. The cars will be again lined up as they were running on the last green lap.




This flag means pull into the pits.




Blue with a yellow stripe. Displayed to cars being lapped, must allow lead cars to pass.




One lap to go.




Finish the race is over.


Track reserves the right to delete, change, or amend

rules in the interest of competition.




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