2016 B HOBBY

Double file re-starts for the 2016 season


RaceCeiver Required, NO other radios or communication equipment or mirrors allowed at any time.


Fort Payne Motor Speedway reserves the right to place drivers in the division most suited for them according to their performance level.




All B Hobby Cars Must Have A Rear Tow Hook


B HOBBY 2800 lbs.



Limited to American made cars only. NO compact, convertibles, sports cars or station wagons.



A.     OEM stock steel bodies must maintain stock appearance.

B.      OPTIONAL BODIES: Stock Appearing Aftermarket Steel or Aluminum bodies will be  allowed. All aftermarket bodies must have plastic nose and tail pieces, Roofs must be Stock Appearing Fiberglass or Steel, NO Dirt Late Model style roofs. Hood may be fiberglass, aluminum or steel. If you use a aftermarket body install it right, NO flat-sided bodies, NO Dirt Late Model Style Bodies allowed. All bodies must be mounted Straight-up.  All bodies stock or aftermarket are subject to approval by the technical inspector. Wheel Base must be stock based on the make and model of the car, with a 1″ minimum tolerance. 

C.    NO front push bars will be allowed. If you feel you need some protection for the radiator you may build a guard using tubing, but all tubing must be kept completely behind front bumper in the grill area. If you have a body style with a plastic nose piece all guards must be behind nose piece, Down forced nose piece allowed.

D.      Rear push bars permitted.

E.       All cars with stock bodies must have OEM type front & rear bumpers NO homemade tube type bumpers. Cars with aftermarket bodies must have plastic nose piece.

F.       NO glass or lexan in windows (must be open).

G.      RaceCeiver Required, NO other radios or communication equipment or mirrors allowed in car at any time.

H.      Any plastic additions must conform to original body contour.

I.        NO homemade nose pieces or body parts.

J.       Spoilers may have a maximum size of 8” height, by 65” width. Note: Gurney Flaps or Curls are allowed along the upper edge of the spoiler, but their length will be included in all measurements, Spoilers will be measured according to total length of and width of material, in any shape.

K.      Three spoiler braces allowed, braces must be triangular in shape, maximum height of 8” inches and maximum length of 18” inches at base.

L.       A metal firewall must encompass the driver’s compartment – front, rear, sides and floorboard.

M.     Boxed interiors permitted.



A.     Stock frame rails. Body does not have to match frame but must be OEM stock steel or one of the approved Five Star body kits. This will allow you to use a newer body style.

B.      Tying frame rails together, reinforcing or X bracing permitted.

C.      Weight jack area may be altered. Buckets, plates, etc.

D.      Frame or frame rails may be replaced from snout, (must be a stock automotive Camaro snout) to the rear of car with a minimum of 2”x 2” material, and must be .085-wall thickness.




A.     Tubular upper control arms and mounts permitted.

B.      OEM Lower control arms for make & model required. After-market bushings permitted.

C.      OEM or Safety spindles and hubs permitted.

D.      5” minimum O.D. May run steel bodied shocks and coil over springs or coil eliminators on rear.

E.       Weight jacks permitted.

F.       OEM steering boxes only.

G.      Inner and Outer tie rod ends may be rod ends and any tie rod sleeves permitted.

H.      NO rack & pinion steering allowed.

I.        Racing shocks permitted one shock per wheel, NO canister shocks.





A.      Slide boxes on leaf spring cars permitted, may run steel coil over shock’s and spring permitted with single leaf rear suspension. 

B.      Coil overs or coil springs allowed on three link cars, and coil eliminators, and Steel coil over shocks permitted   

C.      Upper link, rubber bushing torque link or spring loaded type upper link permitted on leaf cars.

D.      NO 5th coil, 90-10’s, lift bar, pull bar or Reese bar, etc.

E.       Racing shocks permitted one shock per wheel, NO canister shocks, no double adjustable shocks permitted.



A.     May use a three point set up with a solid mount upper link bar, solid bar & rod ends. NO 90-10’s, spring bar or rubber bushing torque links allowed.

B.      Solid Panhard Bars with rod ends permitted.

C.      Rear lower control arms may be aluminum or steel tubes with rod ends with a maximum length of 26” inches from center to center of the mounting holes.

D.      Rod ends allowed on solid panhard bar, solid upper link bar and rear lower control arms, this is the only place rod ends will be allowed on rear suspension.

E.       NO 90-10’s, spring bar or rubber bushing torque links. NO 5th coil, lift bar, pull bar or Reese bar, etc.


A.     All cars must have a suitable steel roll cage protecting the drive’s compartment.

B.      Side roll bars are mandatory, and must extend into door panels; a minimum of three bars must be used on left side and two on right side.

C.      Bars must be at least 1-1/2” inch in diameter and a minimum of .095” inch wall thickness.

D.      Roll cage must be welded to frame.

E.       Seat must be fastened to roll bars or rail.



A.     All cars must have 3” inch seat belts with shoulder harness and must be attached to roll cage.  And must be worn at ALL times while on Race Track.

B.      We strongly recommend that all cars have an approved fire extinguisher system, securely mounted, within easy reach of the driver.

C.      A 5 lb. Halon System is recommended.

D.      All drivers must wear a complete fire suit.



A.     Number must be at least 18” inches high and on both sides and top of car.



A.     An approved fuel cell mandatory (32 gallon maximum) must be securely mounted in the trunk area of the car, inside a .20 gauge metal box supported by a minimum of two 2” inch by 1/ 8” inch steel straps.

B.      Gas and E85 Flex Fuel – NO alcohol – NO nitrous oxide, nitro methane or other nitrate additives.

C.      NO propylene oxide.

D.      Gas must not check above + 5 or – 5 on electronic fuel checker when calibrated with tracks racing gas.

E.       Gas must pass acid test.



A.     Locked rear ends required, welded or spool or mini spool permitted.

B.      9 inch Ford floaters allowed. Housing and axle tubes must be steel.

C.      NO ratchets, True-Trac or any other type locker unit allowed.

D.      Quick changes permitted with steel axle tube only. No open differentials.    50lb weight penalty



A.     Steel wheels only, 12” inch maximum width.

B.      Wide 5 wheels permitted.

C.      Bead locks permitted.



A.     Hoosier 1350, 1450 Right Rear Only 1600, D-21, D-55, Spec 21, Spec 55, or Crate 21, Crate 55. American Racer MD.48, MD 53 Right Rear Only or 56 Goodyear G40.

B    Tires must have all numbers and name on the tire. NO grinding off of numbers or names, any tire that has been altered will be illegal.

C.    NO tire softener, tires will be randomly checked before and/or after race and must punch a minimum of 48 (cold or hot) on track durometer.


A.     Four-wheel disc brakes permitted.

B.      Dual master cylinders permitted.

C.      Brake adjusters permitted.



A.     Collector type headers only.

B.      NO deliberate air leaks, vents, holes, etc.

C.      Mufflers 25 lbs weight brake.



A.     OEM standard production 3 or 4 speed transmission only.

B.      Must have at least one forward and one reverse gear in working order.

C.      NO special production transmissions.

D.      Automatic transmission permitted, must have OEM type torque converter (10” minimum) in working order.



A.     All cars must have starter in working order.






A.     Front most forward spark plug must be in line with or in front of top ball joint, (1′ TOLERANCE).

B.      Must have original engine cross member in original position, Drive train must be in centerline of car. 



A.     All engines have a maximum bore size and must be standard stroke for engine being used.

B.      Small blocks only, NO big blocks.



A.     OEM Cast iron V-8 block only.

B.      Maximum cylinder bore size, Chevrolet 4.060, Ford 4.060, Chrysler 4.060

C.      OEM main caps only, NO after-market main caps, NO splayed, studded or strapped main caps.

D.      Deburring block and plugging deck to strengthen block permitted.

E.       Plug or vent and screen oil drain holes in lifter valley permitted.

F.       May surface deck of block.

G.      Lifter bore must be OEM diameter for engine, Chevrolet .840, Ford .875, Chrysler .901.



A.      Standard production OEM or Stock Replacement cast crank only.


C.      Must be standard production stroke for engine.


327cid Chev – 3.250 / 350cid Chev – 3.480

302cid Ford – 3.000 / 351cid  Ford – 3.500

360cid Chrysler – 3.580

D.      NO stroking or de-stroking, NO lightening or knife-edging crank.

E.       NO turning down counter weights or drilling crank pins.

F.       Eagle ESP Cast Crank Part # 103503480 will be allowed. The thru holes will not be considered “drilling the crank pins” due to the cranks are manufactured with the thru holes.

G.      May balance engine.



A.     Stock length OEM or Stock Replacement rods, Press pins only.

B.      All rods must have rod bolts with nuts.

C.      NO 6” rods allowed.

D.      NO floating pins allowed.

E.       NO sportsman type rods.

F.       High performance rod bolts and nuts permitted.

G.      NO polishing rods.



A.     Four (4)-eyebrow cast or hypereutectic pistons only.

B.      NO two (2)-eyebrow pistons allowed.

C.      NO dome pistons.



A.     Hydraulic only (.425) maximum lift at valve.

B.      NO roller or mushroom or radius cams.



A.     Hydraulic lifters only.

B.      Anti pump-up lifters permitted.

C.      NO cheater hydraulics or modified lifters.

D.      NO roller or mushroom or radius lifters.

E.       NO lifter-retaining tray.

F.       Lifter must be OEM diameter for engine, Chevrolet .840, Ford .875, Chrysler .901.



A.     Double roller sprockets & chain.

B.      NO gear or belt drives.



A.     OEM standard production cast iron heads only, must have casting numbers and numbers must be readable at the time of a cylinder head check.

B.      OPEN CHAMBER STYLE HEADS ONLY.  70 cc limit on Chevy        heads, Ford Head 64 cc minimum. 

C.      Chevrolet straight plug heads only.

D.      NO Chevrolet Vortec heads.

E.       World Products (Stock Replacement) Chevrolet heads casting # I-052  permitted.

F.       Ford and Chrysler angle plug standard production cast iron heads permitted.

G.      NO Bow Tie, W2 or Ford SVO heads.

H.      Steel valves only, NO titanium,

I.        Maximum size for Chevrolet, Int. 1.940, Exh. 1.500

J.       Maximum size for Ford and Chrysler, (Consult Tech Inspector)

K.      Valve stem diameter 11/32 minimum for all engines.

L.       NO under cut stem valves allowed.

M.     Any type guides permitted.

N.      Single valve springs only (NO duel springs).

O.      Steel retainers required.

P.      Flat guide plates permitted, No stud girdles allowed. 

Q.      Screw in studs permitted 3/8 Maximum diameter. May run flat                     guide plates.

R.      Stamped steel rocker arms only.

S.      NO roller tip or roller rocker arms allowed.

T.       NO after-market shaft or pedestal mount rocker arms allowed on Chevrolet.

U.      If standard production head came with shaft or pedestal mount rockers they will be allowed.

V.      Racing valve job permitted Machine cuts only.

W.    NO porting or polishing, all heads must remain AS-CAST.

X.      NO port matching or deburring intake or exhaust runners.

Y.      NO blending valve job to casting.



A.     Standard balancer only.

B.      NO fluid damper permitted.



A.     Wet sump oil pump in pan system only.

B.      NO dry sump system.

C.      Racing oil pan and \ or windage tray permitted.

D.      Remote oil filter and oil cooler permitted.



A.     Cast or aluminum permitted.

B.      NO electric water pump.



A.     Block mounted mechanical pump only.

B.      NO electric pump.



A.     Steel flywheel only. (14 lb.) Minimum on flywheel.



A.     Standard stock type discs and pressure plate only.

B.      NO special production clutches or clutch parts.

C.      Must use diaphragm type pressure plate, with solid face.

D.      NO 3-finger pressure plates.

E.       10’’ inch minimum diameter on clutch.

F.       Full circle fiber type disc with spring loaded hub only, NO puck type fiber disc or solid hubs allowed.

G.      Pressure plate and disc must be steel.



A.     OEM factory HEI or OEM factory single point distributor only.

B.      After-market coil and module will be allowed as long they are stock appearing and mount in stock location with NO modifications.

C.      Advance kits permitted.

D.      NO ignition booster or amplifier to ignition.

E.       NO dry cell battery pack to ignition.

F.       Alternator, if used must be wired to battery, NO loop system wiring to distributor.



A.     Any single four-barrel intake permitted.

B.      $250.00 claim or swap rule on intake will not apply to crate engines.

C.      Any size carburetor spacer permitted.



A.     One single line 600 CFM four barrel only.

B.      Must use a Holley 600 CFM single line, single pump, and vacuum operated secondary only.

C.      NO secondary metering blocks.

D.      NO center hung float bowls.

E.       NO down leg boosters.

F.       NO cutting of choke housing.

G.      NO porting or polishing.

H.      Choke linkage and butterfly must be removed.

I.        K & N flow control air cleaner permitted.

J.       Carburetor must pass tracks tech. TRACK TECH (GO NO GO) GAUGE


Venturi  & Throttle bore specifications

Primary Venturi                                                    Max. size ~ 1.260

Secondary Venturi                                                Max. size ~ 1.322

Throttle bore Primary & Secondary                     Max. size ~ 1.572                                





A.     GM P/N # 88958602 – 350 CID / 350 HP

B.      GM Engines may be purchased at any GM dealer.

C.      The sealed engines must remain intact and not be tampered with; any seals that have been removed or tampered with will make the engine illegal and not eligible for competition at Fort Payne Motor Speedway.

D.      NO changes are allowed to the engine (intake manifold, heads, valve covers, oil pan, harmonic balancer or any other part /or parts on/or in the engine.

E.       NO vacuum pumps.

F.       All crate engines must remain stock as they came sealed from the factory. Crate Engines must not be altered, modified or changed from factory specs.




A.     B HOBBY  2800 lbs. minimum with driver.

B.      Crate Engine B HOBBY 2700 lbs. minimum with driver.

C.      All cars must have specified weight posted on top of roof.

D.      20 lb. weight allowance after feature race.

E.       All weight must be bolted on.

F.       Track reserves the right to adjust weights in interest of competition should it deem necessary.




$350.00                One Head  (2 valves will be pulled)

$450.00                One Head (Optional GM Crate Engine)

$250.00                Oil Pan

$350.00                Oil Pan (Optional GM Crate Engine)

$300.00                Flywheel and Clutch

$100.00                Engine Setback

$100.00                Gas

$150.00                Rear End

$250.00                Claim on Intake


NOTE: The 8 rule / we will allow .008 thousandths on the bore, stroke and valve size.


Any Crate engine protested must be reassembled and resealed by one of the Authorized Repair/Rebuild Centers.


Any item not listed in protest fees is considered a visual protest item and must be protested before race and not after.




1ST Infraction

Disqualification of race, = 0 points, and $ 0.00 in prize money won during the race, 30-day suspension from Fort Payne Motor Speedway and a $300.00 fine.

The $300.00 fine must be paid before you can return to competition.  


2nd Infraction

Disqualification of race, = 0 points, $ 0.00 in prize money won during the race and suspension from Fort Payne Motor Speedway for the remainder of the current season.



Fort Payne Motor Speedway has in place a network of Authorized Crate Engine repair and rebuild centers. All repairs and rebuilds must be done by one of these Authorized Repair/Rebuild Centers. The engine will be repaired or rebuilt and sealed according to the engine manufactures guidelines provided by the manufacture of the engine. For a complete list of the Authorized Repair/Rebuild Centers call Fort Payne Motor Speedway at (256) 623-RACE (7223)

or Tim (256)398-6847, Marvin (706) 346-3385


Track reserves the right to delete, change, or amend rules in the interest of competition.




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