RaceCeiver Required, No other radios or communication equipment or mirrors allowed at any time.



This class requires 2 drivers, Left side driver controls the steering and brakes, and right side driver controls the throttle.


Drivers are not allowed to compete in more than one division per race meet, (Note: This rule will be strictly enforced)


All cars are subject to inspection by track officials at any time.


All teams must register and sign-in prior to event in order to receive points. Points will be awarded under the driver’s or gas mans name that is given first at Sign-in.

It is the responsibility of teams to do this correctly.




1. (NO CONVERTIBLES or Sun Roofs)

2. Chevrolets or Chevrolet engines permitted.

3. All engines must pull 15 lbs of intake vacuum this will be randomly checked.

4. Minimum wheelbase of 110” inches.

5. NO modification to body, suspension or engine.

6. All cars must have inner fenders and NO bars under hood.

7. Must remove all glass also head and taillights.

8. All doors must be welded shut.

9. Must have working horn.

10. Must remove the throttle from the left side of car.

11. Must install the throttle on the right side of car.

12. All cars must have a number on both sides & top.



1. NO headers of any type allowed.

2. Must use a standard type muffler.

3. NO racing mufflers allowed.



1. NO Hi-performance parts will be allowed NO headers, Holley carb. Aluminum intakes or any other kind of hi-performance parts will be allowed.



1. Left and right side drivers must have a 5-point harness type seat belt.

2. Both drivers must wear helmets.

3. We strongly recommend that all cars have an approved fire extinguisher system, securely mounted, within easy reach of the driver.

4. A 5 lb. Halon System is recommended.

5. Both drivers must wear a complete fire suit.

6. A single $10 roll bar or a 4-point roll cage mandatory.

7. The $10 roll bar is a 4” or 5” heavy steel pipe cut to length to fit from the floor to roof inside the center of car. At each end, a one-foot square plate of ¼ heavy plate steel must be welded to top and bottom of pipe. Bolt the $10 roll bar through roof and floor of car to make entire body of car part of roll assembly. Use ½ or larger bolts, 4 on each end.

8. Door bars permitted must be inside car.

9. Four point cage permitted, if 4 point cage is used it cannot go through either firewall (front or rear).



1. Standard type steel wheels only, max. Size 15 X 7. We recommend larger wheel studs and nut.

2. NO wire spoke wheels.

3. Standard Street tires must be used, NO mud grips, snow grips or All-terrain tires allowed.

4. All four tires must be the same size.

5. Example: right side tires P235/70/15 left side tires must be P235/70/15.

6. NO grooving tires.



1. NO locked rear ends or spools allowed.

2. Rear-end must be within or under a 300 range ratio.



1. The first place finisher (THE WINNING CAR) only. Only a driver or gas man that competed in the race can claim.

2. All claims are for the complete car. (Less seat belts and hardware for seat belts)

3. All claims must be filed along with claim fee (cash only) to an official within 5 min. of the completion of the race.

4. If you refuse to sell you will forfeit all prize money and points for that race and receive a $50.00 fine and be suspended for the next two cruiser races. The find must be paid before you will be allowed to compete. (THIS MEANS BOTH DRIVERS)

5. Fort Payne Motor Speedway reserves the right to claim any cruiser car in competition for $1000.00 within 5 min. of the completion of the race.







Track reserves the right to delete, change, or amend rules in the interest of competition.





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