Double file re-starts for the 2016 season

RaceCeiver Required, NO other radios or communication equipment or mirrors allowed at any time.



A.     This class is for stock cars that have a unibody with a full stock floor pan and steel body.

B.     Any car that has an aluminum body or body parts will take a 50lb. weight penalty; Down force nose pieces. This penalty may increase at any time.

C.     NO tube cars.

D.    6” Max. Rear spoilers allowed.

E.     Maximum wheelbase is 101 inches (+ – 1-inch) 

       Minimum wheelbase is 92 inches (+ – 1-inch).                                       

F.     Wheelbase must match body.

G.    Front-wheel drives Tech Approved OK

H.     NO rear engine cars.

I.      NO independent rear suspensions.

J.      NO rotary engines.

K.     Interior body panels and dash may be removed.

L.      All plastic, glass, emblems, etc. must be removed.

M.    Front and rear bumper covers allowed, covers must be made of rubber or

       flexible plastic material.

N.    Stock type bumpers only.

O.    NO skid plates, bars, and pipes anywhere on racecar.



A.     Screw jack permitted.

B.     NO coil over.

C.     Differential may be locked.



A.     Gas or E85 Flex Fuel permitted  

B.     Racing fuel allowed.

C.     Fuel cell may be relocated to trunk area. 

       Must have adequate firewall between the driver and fuel cell.



A.     Engine must be in stock location.

B.     Inline 4 cyl. Engines only.

C.      All engines must have flat top pistons any engine with dome pistons will not be

         legal for this class. (unless standard from manufacturer)

D.      Maximum Bore & Stroke    (This is std. Bore + 0.060)

        GM 2.5                 Bore-4.060   Stroke -3.000   must weigh 2500lbs.

        Ford 2000cc        Bore-3.635   Stroke -3.029   must weigh 2200lbs.

        Ford 2300cc        Bore-3.841   Stroke -3.126   must weigh 2300lbs.

        Toyota 20R          Bore-3.544   Stroke -3.504   must weigh 2250lbs.

        Toyota 22R          Bore-3.682   Stroke -3.504   must weigh 2450lbs.

        Any engine not listed consult Tech Inspector

E.      NO porting or polishing of head or intake.

F.      Multi – angle valve job allowed.

G.     Single valve springs only.

H.    Adjustable cam pulley. May use a multi keyway cam pulley.

I.     Headers permitted, muffler 25 lb weight break.

J.     Any hydraulic lift cam allowed for the GM 2.5 and Ford 2300cc

K.    No hydraulic rollers in any engine or solid lift cams in the 2300 Ford allowed.

L.    Ford 2000cc & Toyota 20R & 22R solid lift cams allowed,

       Ford 2000cc & Toyota 20R & 22R may use any lift cam.                               

M.   NO   Roller cams of any kind.

N.    Maximum Valve Size

       GM 2.5                              INTAKE 1.720 EXH. 1.500

       Ford 2000cc                     INTAKE 1.654  EXH. 1.417

       Ford 2300cc                     INTAKE 1.740  EXH. 1.500

      Toyota 20R                        INTAKE 1.693  EXH. 1.379

      Toyota 22R                        INTAKE 1.752  EXH. 1.437

     Toyota 2TC and 3TC         INTAKE 1.620 EXH. 1.42O                 

                         Any engine not listed consult Tech Inspector

 O.  Stock distributor only.

 P.  Aftermarket water pump and crank pulley allowed.

 Q.  Stock intake manifold only.

 R.  May use one carburetor spacer or adapter 1 inch total thickness + .040 tolerance  

       No part of spacer or adapter may enter intake plenum and two standard gaskets               (maximum 0.080 inch thick), one gasket between intake to spacer or adapter and one      gasket between spacer or adapter to carburetor.

S.  Carburetor any Motorcraft or 500 Holley Max.

T.  NO fuel injection.

U.  NO Aluminum 2000 or 2300 Ford heads.



A.     Stock OEM type transmission only and must have working forward and reverse gears.

B.     Must have stock type clutch and pressure plate.

C.     NO racing clutches, ram couplers, or direct drives.

D.     Stock steel flywheel only, flywheel must weigh a minimum of 16 lbs.  



A.     Steel wheels only (max. 10” width)

***B.     Street tires, DOT street tread tires only, Maximum  (10) inch tread width.***

**************************AMENDED RULE B********************************

B.    Street tires, DOT street tread tires only. Maximum (10) inch. 75 lbs         weight brake.


C.    Racing tires max width 10” must punch 48 hardness.

D.   Beadlocks permitted.



A.     Push bars front and rear permitted.

B.      Front push bar must stay behind front bumper.

C.      Rear Push bar may be attached to rear bumper.



A.    This is base weight not counting any penalties

             GM 2.5            must weigh 2500 lbs.

             Ford 2000cc   must weigh 2200 lbs.

             Ford 2300cc   must weigh 2300 lbs.

             Toyota 20R    must weigh 2250 lbs.

             Toyota 22R    must weigh 2450 lbs.

             Toyota 2TC  and 3TC MIN. 2200 lbs.

      Any engine not listed consult Tech Inspector

B.      One pound per lap burn off after race.

C.      All weight must be bolted on.

D.      Track reserves the right to adjust weights in interest of competition should it deem necessary.



A.     All cars must have 3” inch seat belts with shoulder harness, and attached to roll cage.  And must be worn at ALL times while on Race Track

B.      We strongly recommend that all cars have an approved fire extinguisher system, securely mounted, within easy reach of the driver.

C.      A 5 lb. Halon System is recommended.

D.      All drivers must wear a complete fire suit.



$200.00 to pull head, check head, intake, carburetor and bore & stroke.

$150.00 to pull transmission and check clutch and weigh flywheel.

$50.00 to check muffler.

We will allow .008 thousandths on the Valves and the bore and stroke.


 Any questions:  Call Fort Payne Motor Speedway at:

  (256) 623- RACE (7223)

Or Tim (256) 393-6847, Marvin (706) 346-3385

Track reserves the right to delete, change, or amend rules in the interest of competition.




2 thoughts on “2016 4-CYLINDER PONY RWD

  1. Im wanting to run my mini modified @ fort payne this year but my car is not legal to your rules. My rear end is tube everything else is stock. I heard that y’all wanted to start a super pony division. Please email me back so we can talk, thanks Joe Davis.

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